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Wilmington Contents Restoration Company

Fire, flooding, mold, and storm damage are devastating events that are never expected. Everything you own can be damaged in the blink of an eye.

While the destruction caused by flames is unmistakable, the heat and smoke from a fire can be almost as devastating. Black soot from flames combined with humidity and the water used to fight the fire create an acidic mixture that will continue to damage surfaces if not treated immediately. Articles soaked by flooding or storm water are at risk for developing mold.

Disaster One will handle every aspect of the contents restoration and cleaning process to restore your belongings to their pre-loss condition. Our Wilmington facility has space dedicated to the cleaning and storage of damaged and soiled contents. We also offer:

  • Drying Chamber used to dry everything from electrical equipment to paintings
  • Ozone Room used to neutralize smoke odor in porous materials such as furniture, books, clothing, and children’s toys
  • In-House Storage allowing access to your belongings during the restoration process and keeping items clean and safe until your home is ready for their return

Disaster One is a contents cleaning and restoration company that services Wilmington, NC and the surrounding area including Wrightsville Beach, Jacksonville, Burgaw, Whiteville, Southport, and more. Call this Disaster One office for contents restoration for your greater Wilmington area home or commercial property:

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