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16 fire prevention tips for home and work - & Tips & Info.

October 8-14, 2017 is National Fire Prevention Week. Now’s the time to take steps to prevent fires and to protect yourself if a fire does occur. Whether in a place of business or at home, you should be doing the following.

Memorial Day Safety Tips - & Tips & Info.

In the US, we like to think of Memorial Day as the unofficial start of summer. It’s a big travel weekend as we head for a beach, lake, or mountain – really anywhere we can spend the weekend in the sun. As you plan your holiday activities, always remember to keep safety top of mind…. Read more »

Disaster One Supporting South Carolina Flooding Recovery - & Highlighted Projects, What's New at Disaster One.

Disaster One has dispatched its Large Loss Catastrophic Events Team to Columbia, SC to support the area’s flood restoration efforts.  Although Hurricane Joaquin didn’t come ashore it dumped record rainfall on South Carolina, leaving behind historic flooding and damage expected to be in the billions of dollars. Columbia was the epicenter of flood damage and… Read more »

Another letter from a happy customer - & Testimonials.

We received the following letter from Kathleen W. in Raleigh after completing water damage repairs at her home:    “Major kitchen and plumbing emergencies are without a doubt the most inconvenient kind of house repair problems to deal with. We recently had both at once, but with the help of Disaster One, everything was fixed as… Read more »