hurricane preparedness


Don’t get caught unprepared. The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June to November each year. Residents of the U.S. east and gulf coasts typically see 10 named storms each season, with about 6 becoming hurricanes. Two to three of those become category 3 or greater, or major hurricanes. And we’ve all seen that hurricanes can… Read more »

Hurricane Preparedness Week - & Tips & Info.

It’s National Hurricane Preparedness Week (May 27 – June 2, 2012) and already the tropics have given us two named storms. Hurricane season officially begins June 1 and runs to November 30. Weather experts believe we’ll see an average number of storms this year, which would be 9 to 15 named storms. Of those, 4… Read more »

Are you ready for a hurricane? - & Tips & Info.

If you haven’t already started planning, it’s not too late. With Hurricane Irene setting its sights on the US east coast, now’s the time to make sure you have a hurricane preparedness plan in place – especially if you’re within a few hours of the coast (we all know hurricanes can wreak havoc well inland)…. Read more »

Hurricane Ida Brings Rain to the Coast - & Tips & Info.

Since Wednesday we have been dealing with heaving rains and high winds along the coast. This has caused street flooding and down trees. Our staff has been working around the clock in all of our locations (Greensboro, Charlotte, Raleigh and Atlanta) to help those affect by Hurricane Ida. When dealing with water intrusions it’s important… Read more »