hurricane damage restoration

Ready for Hurricane Irma - & What's New at Disaster One.

Disaster One announced this morning that it will complete the majority of its work in southeast Texas this weekend and will redirect resources to its Tampa and Atlanta operations early next week where Hurricane Irma is expected to strike.

Hurricane Bill - & Tips & Info.

This storm will test forecasters and some surprises may be in store. This storm will be very difficult to predict mainly because of the unpredictability of high pressure and jet stream influences on the storm. By Wed. I think we will have a good idea of where Bill is going. If the high pressure does… Read more »

Possible East Coast Storm - & Tips & Info.

TD 2 is struggling to hold on to depression strength and could fall back to tropical wave as it continues to encounter the dry air created by saharan dust storm still lingering over the area needed for development. The depression behind it looks more impressive and some forecasters say it will become a hurricane and… Read more »

Calm Before The Storm - & Tips & Info.

The latest storm to form in the Atlantic Basin was 8-29-1977 which became a CAT 5 storm to hit Texas. We are prepared to take our expertise in Restoration to the storm damage when it arrives. A minimal storm can cause major problems depending on forward speed and rainfall amounts. It generally takes wind speed… Read more »