frozen pipes

Frozen Pipes: How to Avoid a Disaster - & Tips & Info.

Want to join the nearly half million American homes and businesses that suffer water damage from frozen pipes? Want the expense of dealing with flooding, structural damage, and possibly even mold? We didn’t think so. As winter cranks up and temperatures fall, we’ve entered the frozen pipe season again. But you can dramatically reduce your… Read more »

Polar Vortex: The 2015 Edition - & Tips & Info.

It was one year ago this week that a massive polar vortex assaulted and paralyzed much of the U.S. Anyone up for Round Two? The coldest temperatures of the season are on the way this week as dangerously cold arctic air masses move all the way to the Gulf Coast. Wind chills could even drop… Read more »

11 tips for winterizing your home - & Tips & Info.

  Your home endures a lot during winter. Be ready to safely keep the cold outside and the warm inside and prevent winter disasters with these 11 tips. Clean your gutters. By winter you may have a huge collection of leaves and other debris. Clogged gutters can cause icicles and ice dams to form when freezing rain,… Read more »

Power Outage Emergency Kit: What to Include - & Tips & Info.

The Southeast is getting hammered with with snow, freezing rains and high winds. Some areas may experience a power outage. It is always a good idea to maintain an Emergency Outage Kit that can be easily located in the event of an outage (think in the dark). Items to include: flashlight battery powered radio batteries… Read more »

Ice Dams: Simple Prevention Tips - & Tips & Info.

An ice dam is an accumulation of ice at the lower edge of a sloped roof, usually at the gutter. When interior heat melts the snow on the roof, the water will run down and refreeze at the roof’s edge (where temperatures) are much cooler. Over time, the ice builds up and blocks water from… Read more »

When Cold Weather Hits - & Tips & Info.

In the event of a water damage, call Disaster One’s certified water restoration team. Disaster One will quickly respond (24/7) to your home or business and begin Restoring Your Future. When the cold weather hits, you can take a few precautions to avoid frozen pipes and water damages. A trickle of hot and cold water… Read more »

What is Wind Chill Temperature - & Tips & Info.

Wind chill temperature is how cold people and animals feel when outside. It is based on the rate of heat loss from exposed skin caused by wind and cold. As the wind increases, it draws heat from the body, driving down skin temperature and eventually the internal body temperature. Simply put, the wind makes it… Read more »

2010 Winter Weather Forecast - & Tips & Info.

We have finally started to see some cold temperatures with parts of NC expecting snowfall this week. Make sure you are prepared this winter. Disaster One offers several programs to help you prepare for emergency situations. Contact us to learn more about our Initial Response Program and Emergency Preparedness Binders to help you plan for… Read more »

If Your Pipes Freeze… - & Tips & Info.

Simple Tips to Save You Time and Money 1) Know where to find the main shut off valve to your home. If you turn on your faucets and nothing comes out, leave the faucet turned on and call a plumber. If you detect that your water pipes have frozen and burst, turn off the water… Read more »