Q: What do Kanye West, Orlando Bloom, Tom Brady, Liv Tyler, Ludacris, Kal Penn, John Mayer, and Disaster One have in common?

A: We all turn 40 in 2017!

That’s right – founded in 1977, Disaster One has been restoring futures for 40 years by providing disaster restoration services to homes and businesses affected by water damage, fire and smoke damage, storm damage, and mold damage.

Over half a million new businesses are started each month, but about 50% of them don’t survive five years according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. And only a small portion – one-third – survive 10 years or more. That makes Disaster One’s 40 years in business an even more astonishing accomplishment.

Great team of dedicated people

Dedicated Disaster One Employees“I’m most proud of the team that we’ve put together,” said Disaster One president Rasmus Fenger while reflecting on the company’s milestone anniversary. “There is no ‘secret sauce’ in restoration – we have to do so many different things, and do them all well. Only by having a great team of dedicated people can it all come together.”

Today, Disaster One has grown from a small carpet cleaning service in Greensboro, NC, to a leading full-service restoration company with over 135 full-time employees in 9 offices serving the entire southeast United States. The company boasts three of only 655 people nationwide who have received the coveted Certified Restorer© designation from the Restoration Industry Association.

In the past five years the company nearly doubled its number of locations, opening branches in Wilmington NC in 2012, Roanoke VA and Tampa FL in 2013, and most recently Myrtle Beach SC in early 2017.

Looking to the future

Looking to the future, Fenger stated, “We plan to keep growing, but not just for the sake of getting bigger. We grow so that we can be an exciting place to work and so that we can continue to be stronger and serve our clients better. This growth will include geographic expansion throughout the Southeast, but also, and perhaps more importantly, growing the branches we already have.”

“The feedback we get from happy clients means the world to me – not just what we’ve done but the way we’ve done it,” Fenger continued. “The only thing that could slow us down would be if we have trouble finding the right talent to help us grow, so we’re always looking for talent.”

At Disaster One, we’re humbled by the long-standing trust our clients have placed in us and we always strive to honor that trust by providing a great Disaster One Experience. Clearly, we’re not going anywhere and we’ll be here when you need us.

Call us at 800-277-4787 any time you need our help, 24/7/365.