Joining forces and Merging Cultures to Benefit Customers Nationwide


On Monday, October 2, Greensboro, North Carolina-based Disaster One, Inc. announced a merger with Centennial, Colorado-based BluSky Restoration Contractors, LLC.

Ras Fenger, Disaster One President

Rasmus Fenger, Disaster One President

Kent Stemper, BluSky CEO

Kent Stemper, BluSky CEO

“Joining forces with BluSky is all about making the resulting company stronger for our customers and employees — customers who need our services today, as well as tomorrow,” says Disaster One president Rasmus Fenger. “BluSky has a very similar culture to Disaster One, in that they place the highest value on both its customers and its people. Like a great marriage, where each make the other better in an unbreakable partnership, this too will result in a great company,” adds Fenger.

Fenger has been in the cleaning & restoration industry for 20 years. He acquired Disaster One in 1999 and the company has been exponentially expanding its footprint and sales ever since. Fenger will step away from day-to-day operations of the merged company and will take on a role as a partner, working to support integration of the two companies. BluSky CEO Kent Stemper will remain as the merged firm’s CEO.

“BluSky and Disaster One share similar missions and core values that are driven first and foremost on our firms providing best in class customer service,” says Stemper. “Two of Disaster One’s core values are integrity and teamwork, which have been primary drivers of BluSky’s success as well and will be a great fit with our firm, and that represents a key factor in attracting BluSky to approach them about joining forces. We will be stronger together and our customers will benefit,” added Stemper.

According to Stemper, BluSky has grown organically as a privately-owned Colorado startup in 2004 to more than $100 million in sales and has a nationwide footprint that includes nearly every state in the contiguous United States. In addition to steady sales growth, BluSky has been certified as a Great Place to Work™ for small to medium-sized companies for nearly every year for the past 10.

Stemper says BluSky hires for character as well as competence. “For BluSky it’s about building a strong culture,” says Stemper. So, when it came to a company with whom BluSky would be interested in joining forces, Stemper says matching cultures was paramount. Disaster One was that company because they share a similar approach in many ways.

“At BluSky, we care for our employees and treat them well.  As a result, our employees will take the extra step to do an exceptional job for the company and their teammates.  We look forward to merging our cultures and continuing to improve upon what’s been built,” adds Stemper.