Disaster One’s website has been around in its current form for a little over 4 years, which is an eternity in Internet years. It’s in need of a facelift. So coming soon, www.DisasterOne.com will roll out a new website.

In recent months we began work on a complete site redesign to give it a more contemporary, visually appealing and functional layout. The result will be an improved user experience, making it easier for you to contact us and and find information about us and the services we provide. We have technical experts from an amazing website design company putting the pieces together for us under the direction of a team of people here at our corporate headquarters.

We’re just a couple weeks away from going live but we wanted to give you a preview.

Here’s a screen shot of our beta website under construction. It’s close to being finished and we can’t wait to show you the final product.

Stay tuned for updates!